Wednesday, April 4, 2007


"'Life, it seems, would be perfect - if not for those darn freckles. My body is covered with them!' she moans. 'So it’s baby-formula sun block in SPF 45 and a minimizing base. As long as I’ve got that on, I’m good,' she says with a laugh." This excerpt from the 'US'-Magazine (September 1996) was the first notice I had found of Lara Flynn Boyle whose career includes the tv mystery show "Twin Peaks" and the new generation drama "Threesome". Since then I’ve been collecting anything related to this beautiful actress. For this blog I’m providing the best of my collection: pictures, articles, but moreover screencaps of her movie and tv appearances and news from all over the world. So, have fun with the first unofficial Lara Flynn Boyle Blog.

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