Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Chicago Academy for the Arts

That's our lovely Lara when she was attending the Chicago Academy for the Arts in 1988. Please read the short subject published on "Teen Drama: With a TV miniseries (Amerika) already under her belt by age 17, Lara Flynn Boyle was too busy with professional gigs to participate in high-school productions. Then again, the Chicago Academy for the Arts is no regular high school; with a curriculum more Fame than formal, most students sign on in pursuit of careers in the arts. In such a competitive environment, was working actress Boyle popular with her peers? "She was such a good time, people just liked being around her," says her old acting teacher Matt DeCaro. "Of course, people get incredibly jealous, but that was their problem."

Sculptor and fellow Class of '88 alum Merrilee Cleveland agrees. "She was working on one of the Poltergeist movies [in her senior] year, so she wasn’t always in school, but I don’t think anyone minded too much."

Practice for The Practice: DeCaro says it was Boyle's sense of humor that won over her classmates and teachers. "For one assignment, I was trying to help the kids be a little more disciplined in their approach, and I demanded each come to class with a three-minute monologue memorized. If they didn't do it, I was going to give them a failing grade," he recalls. "Lara did this amazing monologue about a witness on the witness stand. It was funny, it was moving, it was poignant; it triggered tears. This was an extraordinary piece of work for a 15- or 16-year-old. But I couldn't place the play or movie it was from. I questioned Lara about it, and she did a little prevaricating, and then she said: 'I just made it up! On the spot! I got ya!' But, you know, I was always such a softie, I gave her an A anyway."

True Hollywood Story: The day after graduation, Boyle and her mother quit Chicago for L.A., where, just four months later, Boyle scored her breakthrough role as Donna Hayward in Twin Peaks. –J. W."

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Eye of the Storm - Lobby Cards

Three lobby cards from the german release of Lara's movie Eye of the Storm. A little film noir in which the actress plays the wife of Dennis Hopper. provides - as always - more information about this movie. And if you want to watch a small clip of Boyle's appearance, just click over to You Tube.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Provoking Analogies

"Ken Wentworth is a contemporary Australian visual artist based in Melbourne, he uses existing media images and repositions them into a new framework, enabling an alternative cultural dialogue. Visual puns and suggestive titles combine to create amusingly thought provoking analogies. Imagery from popular culture becomes a sign post that alludes to characteristics of contemporary society and personal reality, enabling us to be in on the joke, and to question and critique aspects of both our culture, and ourselves." Well said. Source: Ken Wentworth.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

At Home with Lara

"Her d├ęcor is refreshingly delicate and girlish. She has a pink-and-white wedding cake of a bedroom, and a dainty crystal chandelier hangs in the dining room. All it would take is one good puff from the Big Bad Wolf and he could blow it all down." These are the words written by Jamie Diamond for the New York Times way back in 2002. The journalist visited Lara's house and by following this link you can read all of her observations.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Lindsay versus Lara

I found a speculative opinion on this blog. Here it goes:

"Okay, I think Lara Flynn Boyle is Lindsay Lohan’s mother. I do. I mean look at the evidence. First, lets look at the freckle factor. Both of them have a ridiculous amount of freckles all over there body. They wear freckles the way drag queens wear glitter. Second, Lara was on Twin Peaks and Lindsay has twin peaks. Third, need I mention the weight issue? All Lindsay needs now is lip injections." Just kidding!

Thursday, January 3, 2008


Sneak a peek of Lara's appearance in the unfortunately not so long-running tv serie Insatiable.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Have Dreams, Will Travel

Please find enclosed the original artwork for Lara's new movie Have Dreams, Will Travel. It celebrated its premiere at Cannes Film Festival on May 21st 2007. Hopefully the movie gets an us-release later this year.