Thursday, May 31, 2007

Let's Party

Do you know Lara Shriftman? She's something like a public relations guru in the celebrity business. Organizing events, movie premieres or store openings she gained an highly grade of popularity among the stars - including Lara Flynn Boyle. She attended several of her events and you can find the evidence in the world wide web.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

TV Guide

If you want to know when exactly you can watch a Lara Flynn Boyle flick on television I found an interesting website that provides this information. But unfortunately it's only for our american national cable friends. If you know of any other tools around the globe please let me know.

"This is my cup of tea"

As far as I'm concerned Men in Black 2 (2002) was the most successful movie Lara Flynn Boyle starred in. It made millions of dollars though reviews for this scifi-adventure weren't ... hmm ... that excellent. The best part of such a huge mega blockbuster production is the fact that its actors have to do a lot of promotional stuff like photo shootings or interviews. Lara even travelled around the world with the leading stars Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. And when she stopped by in New York she gave the australian located Dark Horizons website a nice interview in which she replied honestly to not-so-stupid questions. Some extracts? She doesn't read her articles in tabloid magazines but "I look at the pictures."

Others: "I cannot keep a secret so I never know what's going to happen." "I did low budget movies before they were called independent movies." "Then I'd go home, take off the 25 pounds of make up and hair and then I'd love to go and sit at a big dinner, knowing that I had a late call the next day. That's a perfect day." If you want to read the whole interview please follow this path.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Twin Peaks, Pilot

"Twin Peaks in my opinion probably marked one of the highest points of television drama", writes Mark Boydell in his dvd-review of the tv serie published by DVD Times. And he adds: "it may be the last time we'll see a great director [David Lynch] being given full artistic control over as wide a canvas as a TV series and the result is flabbergasting. The characters are fully developed yet unusually interesting; the setting - the true lead character IMO - becomes so familiar to us it seems like our back garden (albeit a very scary one) and it features some of the most memorable scenes ever committed to celluloid: who can erase the Red Lounge and the Man from Another Place from their memory?"

So, diving into the Twin Peaks universe makes a lot of fun. Rewatching this serie it comes to my mind how strongly Lara Flynn Boyle is acting as Donna Hayward, the best friend of the late Laura Palmer. With this post followed by many others in the future I provide screencaps of the best scenes starring Lara. I apologize for the not-so-good caps quality. But unfortunately, the dvd version from Paramount Home Entertainment doesn't provide a ... let me say ... excellent picture quality. Anyway, let's start with the Pilot of Twin Peaks.