Thursday, April 12, 2007

Interview Colin Ferguson

Lara Flynn Boyle stars in the horror tale The House Next Door, produced by Lifetime, as a woman who suspects that something evil lurks in the house next door, some unseen force that causes people who move in to experience tragedies outside the norm. Eureka star Colin Ferguson plays her skeptical husband. He finds out quick enough that his number one lady is telling the truth.

In october 2006 Colin Ferguson gave Tony Bray of the TV-Now website an interview about his movie The House Next Door and, of course, Lara Flynn Boyle. "What drew you to the Lifetime movie?" Ferguson: "The director, Jeff Woolnough. He directed two episodes of the series that I did. That was the first thing that caught my eye. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jeff. He really knows his stuff and he's really great to talk to and have fun with. I read it and it wasn't a typical Lifetime project. And, of course, Lara Flynn Boyle signed on to do it. I thought that would be interesting."

Bray: "She's got gorgeous eyes and is camera friendly."

Ferguson: "It's amazing ... someone of her stature. Every scene was as good as she could do it. She could put herself into a frenzy if she needed to ... really going the distant. To be quite frank, it is sort of a pain, it is hard to do that. But she would do it for every single scene. That was impressive. I figured she would sort of pull back a little bit. She didn't."

Writer Tony Bray adds in his review of the movie: "Boyle looks healthier than she has in years. Critics who used to write only about her weight can finally focus on her talent, which is in fine form." Nicely said.

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