Thursday, April 5, 2007

Shades of Black: The Conrad Black Story

Has anyone seen this tv movie outside of Canada? Apparently not. Surfing through the world wide web I unfortunately couldn't find any indication for a dvd release. Screen Door, the production company of Shades of Black: The Conrad Black Story, doesn't seem to be interested in making some money off this 5 Million Dollar Baby - as long as the official budget estimate is correct.

What's the story about? It deals with "ambition, love, betrayal and greed", says the Internet Movie Database. To be precisely: "The film chronicles the private and public struggles of Lord Conrad Black, one of the world's most controversial press barons." Beware!

"Inspired by true events and based on the book by Richard Siklos, Shades of Black takes place in the fall of 2004 before Lord Black of Crossharbour - business tycoon, financier and biographer - was charged with civil fraud by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Already removed as CEO of the company he controlled, Hollinger International, Black holes up in his Toronto mansion as he copes with the personal and professional fallout from fraud allegations that surfaced a year earlier."

"As Black's glamorous second wife, Barbara Amiel, Lara Flynn Boyle portrays a woman of style and substance who unfailingly stands beside her embattled husband as he confronts the biggest challenge in his life." ( "I wasn't aware of her or of their story until I read the script, but I found her fascinating. From my perspective it's an interesting love story," said Boyle to a journalist of TVGuide who resumed: "As a supporting player, Boyle gets all the witty rejoiners and smoldering looks without any of the pop-psychology defenses for her actions. She's simply ambitious, manipulative, and 'magnificent' as Black calls her in the movie." And Toronto's Now Magazine adds: Amiel, a journalist and high-society vixen played with the vacancy of a condemned motel and the warmth of a TV yule log by Lara Flynn Boyle, collagened lips flapping away."

I found another comment about this tv drama which I quote: "A worthy effort, given the limitations of TV docudramas. It is well acted, and narrates to complex life and character of Conrad Black. Black is a personna of tragic resonance. Gifted in intellect, insight and discipline, brought to the precipice of impending bankruptcy and imprisonment by an overarching narcissism, arrogance and disdain for others, especially those unlucky enough to have worked for him. Toronto residents will not only recognize the upper class environs of their city, but the parochial ambitions of its elite.. and the stuffy colonial quality of its clubs and boardrooms. It a cautionary tale of those who take their circumstances in life as divine license to step on the well being of others. That will only provide enemies with a thirst for revenge." (karlbogdan for Finally, if you want to listen to the main title of Christopher Dedricks' soundtrack, please take a look at his official website.


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