Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Practice on DVD - First Reviews

While surfing and researching I found the first dvd-reviews of The Practice in which Lara Flynn Boyle stars as assistant disctrict attorney Helen Gamble. Blog Critics Magazine writes about the boxset: "Called The Practice – Volume 1 (instead of Season 1) for a reason, the 4-disc set hold 13 episodes which did not actually air in the order you’ll find them in here. Originally written as a complete season, only six episodes aired before summer hiatus. The remaining seven episodes were interspersed throughout the second season. Here you’ll find them back to back, which is far more effective."

What about picture and sound quality? Please read the following lines by DVDFanatic: "The best that this set features is slightly better than broadcast quality. The video is rough and grainy, and the audio a simple Dolby Digital Stereo mix. Presented in the show’s original aspect ratio of Full Frame (1.33:1), this transfer is nothing worth noting. Just better than taping the show off air, this is ultimately an underwhelming transfer." And last but not least some external thoughts about the bonus features written by "The Practice has a featurette on creating the show. Kelley, cast and crew speak about the show's mission statement, characters and the aesthetic of the series. It comes from old EPK interviews, because of the locations (and copyright date), but it's still relevant. It's a solid 18 minute piece."

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Anonymous said...

The Practice was the best criminal law show ever. It was pretty realistic and spent the most of shows time in the courtroom. Bring a show next season that based on this show.